For the 3rd time in 4 games…I’ve found myself sitting on my couch…clinching the pillow in fists of rage…trying not to use four letter words that will corrupt my 2 year old son (who by the way, learned the term “crabby ***” today…and he pronounced it QUITE WELL!). I guess it’s a good thing Mom was home to guide my Old Faithful impression as Mr. Gregg blew the game tonight…because poor lil Griffin would have increased his four-letter vocabulary by a factor of 10!
HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU THROW A 54 FOOT BREAKING PITCH WITH A FULL COUNT? Seriously…my 6 year old wouldn’t have swung at that horrible pitch to Duffie in the 9th.
Oh well…that’s the name of the game and we go back out tomorrow and try to find a way to score more runs than the Brewers I guess!

Here’s to Griffin’s new found vocab!!! Go GET EM CUBBIES!


FIrst Series Win of 2009

I must say, I’m totally happy with the 2-1 series win versus Houston. It’s a little bittersweet because we could have definitely had a sweep to start the season. I like the Astros’ lineup an awful lot. They just don’t have the pitching depth to make a run at the NL Central. Any time you can win a series, you must be happy. I think our pitching depth gives us a great chance to win 80-90% of the series this year. Our 4th and 5th starters will be much better than many teams’ #2s and #3s.

Mr. Fukudome seemed to find his stroke in the series clincher last night…another bittersweet moment, due to my “man-crush” on Reed Johnson. He’s a freaking STUD! Not in a “naughty” way, but in the purest sense of baseball. Reed plays the game the RIGHT way.

Now for a travel day as our beloved Cubbies head to Miller Town USA. Time to Beat Down Bernie the Brewer!


2009 is Underway

Welcome to my first ever blog entry. Take it for what it’s worth, but I’m a diehard Cubs’s fan who tries to incorporate knowledge with passion. After the first two games of the 2009 season I have a few concerns but mostly I’m full of optimism (as I always am when it comes to the Cubs).


  1. Pitching: I love what I’ve seen out of Big Z and Demp in the first two games. Big Z obviously didn’t have his best stuff in the opener, but he somehow found a way to shut down the Houston offense when he needed to. Demp appears to have learned his lesson…THROW STRIKES AND LET YOUR DEFENSE HELP! 
  2. Offense:  Alfonso BELONGS in the lead-off spot. Fontenot, TheRiot, and Soriano SHOULD be voted to the All-Star team RIGHT NOW! Hoffpauir will be the best offensive player in MLB that doesn’t see any significant playing time. 
  3. The Bench: Hoffpauir and Hill. The Hoff came up with a huge RBI in the opener. Hill filled in well for Geo behind the plate in game 2. His scoop and toss to 2nd base late in the game to pick up TheRiot’s 1st error of the season was BEAUTIFUL!  As if you couldn’t tell by Bob Brenly’s 12 time replay of the play.


  1. Fukudome: Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s extremely talented, but seriously…can he PLEASE work on swinging at STRIKES and LAYING OFF THE SLIDERS??? He’s going to see more sliders than Craig Biggio until he proves that he can lay off them or actually come within 9 inches of making contact with one. His defense in center field is a little shakey, but that’s to be expected I guess. 
  2. Gregg: All I’m going to say…”Ker-ry Ker-ry Ker-ry” I think not resigning Woody will be one move that the otherwise Genius Manager (aka Hendry) will regret. Hopefully Marmol can see a sports psychologist to get his head straight. I’m a firm believer that Marmol will be the closer by the end of May and Gregg will be an 8th inning guy.


  1. Miles: I wasn’t a fan of Edmonds. I’m not a not a fan of Miles. But I will reserve judgment of the Miles until I see him produce like another big loss (DeRosa). I’m not talking just at the plate…but in the field as well.